The lust for the tan and leather bags

  • By Vivek panwar

The lust for the tan and leather bags

Let's be honest, some our favourite colours probably fall under tan umbrella. Light enough to make it airy and dark enough to let it talk. Tan is the colour for all. There is never a thing to go with the dress for Tan, it always goes along with everything around you. You're always ready to show the chic side of you.

Tanlust for us implies the powerful urge for the tan shading. Tanlust remains for the juxtaposition of custom and style where, the tough look of leather and love for leather meets up. You cherish leather, everybody who has ever sat on, noticed, held, determined, or made leather – Loves Leather and this love for leather is what brings you and us together. Tanlust incorporates to fulfill your longing for leather accessories.

We create products with an authentic, traditional beauty that could be passed on through generations. With a focus on quality craftsmanship, authentic design and details that have been carefully selected, our products are premium, unique and embody the beautiful contrasts between old and new. We lovingly handcraft each piece. Each step, from start to finish, is deliberate and methodical. From the cutting to the stitching, we strive for perfection, not expediency.

We put love, passion, and care into each piece we make. We want your TanLust piece to be a part of your life's narrative, becoming a trusty companion each step of the way.

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